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About the Artist

Yezi Lou, who was born in 1997, received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts and is currently an MFA candidate at UCLA.

Yezi engages with a diverse range of artistic mediums, primarily encompassing painting, drawing, and printmaking. Depicting the confrontation between familiarity and defamiliarity, the subject in her works may not be immediately understood as to exactly how they were supposed to be; while some audience views them as general observational art, perhaps satisfy her idea of the unwanted attention. Yezi's artistic expression is the integration of hybrid cultures and languages, along with a deliberate disillusionment that challenges the prevailing optimism often associated with American culture. The subjects depicted in her works often exist on the periphery of awareness, imbued with abstract and cultural significance, transcending any singular purpose. By approaching the concept of "portraiture," each painting can be seen as a reflection of Yezi's self-representation or an extension of her identity. This form of "self-objectification" embodies her cognition of collective experience and social freedom.  

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